With the use of our 360-degree live camera feature powered by Holobuilder, tenants can stay up to date on their projects in real time and are able to make floor plan and strategy decisions remotely in order to expedite the decision-making process keeping their projects on time and on budget.

This technology aids clients, architects, and property managers by eliminating the need for daily or even weekly site visits. We are all busy, and sitting in traffic is not a good use of anyone's time. No system can completely eliminate the need for in-person site visits but anything that can limit them is a huge benefit.

Everyone has a camera in their pocket these days and pictures do say a thousand words, but Holobuilder is an interactive web portal that allows users to stand in a room and look around, zoom in, and even has the capability to integrate drawings so clients can put the blueprint next to the room they are in and compare.

Construction the is slowest industry to embrace change for a myriad of reasons. At Hk Contractors, we are working to buck that trend and stay at the forefront of technology, using it streamline the construction process and provide our clients the most current and accurate information available so they can have the information they need to make informed decisions.